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Imperial Dispenser. Capacity of 800 bags. Proprietary.
Encourages pet waste cleanup. Galvanized powder coated steel dispenser with vandal proof lock holds 2 rolls of 400 tie-handle bags.
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Green in color. 8 x13 bag size Regal Dispenser
Header style bags that hang flat in a dispenser from 2 hooks. Easy single-pull bag access reduces wasted bag usage by as much as 50% over traditional “roll style” bags. Bags are extra thick and opaque green, so you can’t see the poo that is in the pouch.
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The Regal Pet Waste Dispenser. Capacity of 600 bags.
Maximum storage at a minimum price!! Constructed of high quality galvanized powder coated steel that lasts for years! Integrated sign “Please Clean Up After Your Dog” is screen-printed directly on the front of the dispenser. Includes vandal proof lock.
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Green in color. 8x13 bag size Monarch or Universal Dispenser
Packaged in a chipboard box for easy installation into the dispenser.The bag is designed for use with the Monarch dispenser or Monarch station for convenient dispensing, Fits most universal dispensers. Each case includes 10rls/200bg. 8x13
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Poopy Pouch Clean Up Sign
Commercial-grade powder coated steel-built to last and will not rust. Adds visibility to make pet owners more alert and increase compliance. Green and white signage displays “Please Clean Up After Your Dog”.
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Poopy Pouch Tie-Handle Pet Waste Bags (Large Roll)
Replacement bags for use with the Imperial dispenser or station. 400 large gusset tie-handle pet waste bags per roll. Packaged 6 rolls per case. Lemon-scented to keep odors out. (2400 bags/case) Bag Size: 7” x 15” x 5”
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